The Brief (provided by WWF)

“We need to develop a film that will clearly explain the current state of our planet, the nature of crisis and climate catastrophe, but that gives hope that nature can and will restore itself if people take action now. We want to create a message that would cut through on a very simple, human level to make the case for action. We want to encourage public discussion to put pressure on leaders for positive change.”

Creative Rationale

2020 is a critical moment for the future of the planet. Yet, the overwhelming majority of the population tend to believe that the threat on planet earth is far from imminent. To make matters worse, there are political and social forces suggesting the idea that climate change is a hoax that environmentalists use to pose a non-existing threat in order to pass their own agenda. These factors result in a lot of people not taking seriously the gravity of our impact on the planet.

Whether it’s ignorance or disbelief, people tend to stay passive, although we experience the results of climate change every day, suffering really extreme weather conditions during the summer, moderate temperatures during the winter and witnessing a major change in seasons. It’s so obvious that weather has gone crazy that it has become a common conversation icebreaker, or an awkward-conversation-get-away card.

We used the insight of that common elevator small talk about the weather to make a strong statement about weather breaking the ice.
We used a message with a dual meaning: talking about the weather as an icebreaker and the weather change literally breaking the ice on planet earth, a linear result of the rise in temperature.

Finally, the film itself is an icebreaker because it presents the issue in a direct and relatable, yet not intimidating and judgmental way.
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